Meet Soulfit Sonic – An Hybrid of Earpod & Fitness Tracker

Check out the latest Soulfit Sonic Talkband in details.

  • Accuracy of a fitness band, ease of a mobile phone
  • Touch sensitive notifications on the go
  • On point heart rate and blood pressure monitor

The recently launched the Soulfit Sonic is a Talkband with a purpose. Marking a distinct cutting edge in the wearables market, it stands out with its detachable Bluetooth screen, serving a dual purpose of activity tracking and handsfree calling. Soulfit is on a mission to motivate all of its patrons to improve their health and fitness goal by tracking their daily activities, sleep, performance, and monitoring the all-vital heart rate and blood pressure.

“With Soulfit Sonic, the need for owning multiple gadgets is negated. We want our fitness conscious customers to track all possible fitness activities without any difficulty. They can also wear their ‘phone on their wrist’ and get away from carrying it all the time,” says Nikita Kumawat, the CEO and co-founder of Brandworks Technologies. Speaking on the launch, Nikita adds, “Smart wearables are going through an interesting phase worldwide. Watches only met a specific need until now, but in our fast paced world, we seek more economical and highly functional simple gadgets.”

The band is equipped with basic fitness metrics which include steps taken, calories burned, active minutes and distance travelled via the in-built Pedometer. To help you stay active throughout the day, you get notifications on the go! The Soulfit Sonic’s low power sensors intelligently monitor your body, even when you are asleep. You get bed time alerts, based on your personalised sleep goals. Daily logs and insights keep you well rested.The alarm clock wakes you up with its silent vibration in sync with your fitness goals.

The ideal combination for your busy and healthy lives, you can ‘talk as you walk’ with the handsfree calling, letting you to track fitness and attend calls. You no longer need to hold your phone at all times! Focus on enjoying your health! The Bluetooth is complemented with a 2mm speaker with a definitive sound of the Music feature!

The on-point algorithm of the gadget lets you keep a tab on your everyday log of Low and High blood pressure. You have to calibrate your blood pressure once, and then you never have to worry again. It can check your blood pressure every few seconds. To improve your exercise routine further, the smartwatch has the Heart rate Monitor! State-of-art biosensors from OSRAM permits to accurately measure the heart rate at all times. All information can be seen in info-graphics and reports on the smartphone app.

The gadget is fueled by the Phone Tracking feature that conveniently assists you to locate your phone during the SOS situations. Lastly, with the Remote Camera Shoot, you can also snap the photos on your smartphone with a touch on the screen. Didn’t we say the smartwatch could do more than just improve your health!

To get started, all you need to do is download the HBand App (Android & IOS) and strap your band on the wrist.  With a simple sign up, the data on the device can be synced to the app. The band is available in a lustrous black and can be purchased at the special price from the official website.

Key features

  • Steps, calories, distance
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Phone tracking
  • 72 hour battery life

Standout Features

  • Bluetooth earpiece
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Music
  • Remote Camera Shoot

About Brandworks

Brandworks Technologies was established in 2017.  A new entrant in the fitness band business, the company promises to deliver innovative wearable gadgets to empower day-to-day health and fitness requirements, right from their first product itself.

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